Recent Storm Damage Before & After Photos

Moldy Attic

Mold is ever present and all around us. This time of year, with the excessive rain, warmer temperatures and increased levels of humidity mold can infest your pr... READ MORE

Water Remediation

This flooded basement in Norwood, MA was the result of a heavy rain during Hurricane Florence. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was about 4 inch... READ MORE

Mold Appears Months After Ice Storm

This customer experienced extensive damage from mold that was as a result of an ice storm that occurred months earlier. Unbeknownst to thehomeowner, when the ic... READ MORE

Pipe Bursts in Dining Room in Framingham Home

Freezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst in the dining room of this Framingham home. As a result there was standing water in the dining room, living room a... READ MORE

Pipe Bursts in Northborough Home Causing Extensive Damage

Frigid temperatures caused a pipe to burst on the second floor affecting the bedrooms and seeping down to the living room and kitchen area. This Northborough h... READ MORE

Freezing Temps Causes Sprinkler System To Burst

Sprinkler systems are a life-saving feature installed in commercial buildings as well as in private homes. Sometimes they cause considerable damage when the s... READ MORE

Ice Dam Hits The Ashland Library

An ice dam caused serious damage to this beautiful building in town. The ceiling and dry wall had to be removed as a result of water damage caused by the ice d... READ MORE

Atlantic Storm Brings Arctic Temps

Below freezing temperatures caused a pipe to burst in the ceiling flooding this beautiful Victorian home and resulting in devastating damage. The pipe burst o... READ MORE

Cold Front Leads to Ice Dams

After several days of below freezing temperatures in February, the frigid weather led to the formation of numerous ice dams. What is particularly ominous abou... READ MORE