Recent Fire Damage Before & After Photos

Soot Damage From Fire

A small electrical fire occurred in the basement of this Framingham home. The fire was quickly extinguished by the homeowner, however, that did not prevent the ... READ MORE

Oil Furnace Backfires

This home experienced a puff back, covering their walls and furniture in soot. A puff back is a misfiring in the furnace that can send soot throughout your home... READ MORE

Take Caution with Halogen Lamps

A simple act of drying a shirt faster by laying it over a lamp may seem innocent but could have been deadly. Like many of us, this homeowner didn’t reali... READ MORE

Electrical Fire Proves To Be More Than A Shock

An electrical fire is the cause of the extensive smoke and soot damage in this beautiful Holliston home. Most electrical fires are caused by faulty electrical o... READ MORE

Space Heater Ignites House Fire

We all know the dangers of space heaters, yet they still remain one of the leading causes of house fires. Even though the heat emitted can make one feel coz... READ MORE

Faulty Dehumidifier Causes House Fire

This devastating fire was the result of a faulty humidifier, left operating when no one was around to monitor the machine, resulting in extensive damage. This... READ MORE

Lightning Strike in Framingham, MA

During the summer a strong thunderstorm moved through the area and lightning struck this residence. The fire started in the roof and caused a huge mess below. ... READ MORE

Deck Fire in Auburn, MA

This deck fire in Auburn, MA could have turned out a lot worse, but, the homeowner was able to extinguish the flames before it took over the entire house. SERV... READ MORE