Recent Mold Remediation Before & After Photos

Mold Found in Homeowner's Attic

The causes of most attic mold problems are subtle and hard to identify. However, all mold problems arise from a moisture problem due to roof issues/leaks, impro... READ MORE

Trapped Water in Bathtub's Shell Caused Mold Infestation

Unbeknownst to the customer, their new tub shell that covered their original tub had trapped water and created an infestation of mold in the tub and bathroom wa... READ MORE

Mold in Attic in Sudbury Home

Attics tend to create the perfect breeding ground for mold, partly because mold growth can go unnoticed for several months at a time. A poorly installed attic ... READ MORE

Mold Discovered in Real Estate Firm

This real estate firm discovered mold in an unused office of their commercial building that had been quietly festering and spreading. Once discovered, the clie... READ MORE

Mold Growth in Holliston, MA

This mold remediation job in Holliston, MA was the result of damp, humid conditions leading to mold and fungi growth on the walls throughout the basement. ... READ MORE

Attic Mold Wellesley, MA

A homeowner contacted our SERVPRO office suggesting there may be some mold in the attic. They were right! The mold on this attic sheathing was the result of a... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Attic in Ashland, MA

This was a mold remediation project in an attic in Ashland, MA that was initially discovered by an insect inspector. He then referred the client to contact us,... READ MORE